Miguel Guercio is an artist from Italy. His work is characterized in the creation of colored and playful characters and ranges from character design to animation and installation arts. He was born in Venezuela and at the age of 11 he moved to Italy where he studied art, graphic design and animation. He worked 11 years for the digital media agency Melazeta S.r.L in Modena, working for clients as Disney, Rainbow, Ferrari, Kinder Ferrero and Giochi Preziosi. He was featured in different publications including the Pictoplasmas’s first magazine and IDN Magazine. He is 100% immersed in the Art Toy world, signing a whole art toy series for Peng Creative Media based in China and for Bubblewrap Toys in USA.

Featured on BEYOU (2020-ITALY)
 The Monster Project Magazine (2021-USA)
Featured on Pictoplasma Magazine #1 (2021-GERMANY)
Featured on IDN Magazine #28 (2022-CHINA)